Grilled steaks of pesto napped paneer/ chicken steaks accompanied with pan grilled veggies and herb roasted potatoes

Rs 120

The superfood bowl(veggie/chicken/egg)

steamed veggies/ chicken/poached eggs , home grown sprouts, seeds and crunchy greens napped in a honey lemon drizzle

Rs 120

the millet bowl (chicken/ veggies)

pan tossed assorted millets accompanied with sichuan spiced mushrooms/ chicken and a raw papaya and peanut relish


the noodle bowl (chicken/ veggies)

Whole wheat noodles, chilli chicken/ chilli eggs/ chilli veggies , sauteed mushrooms, steamed greens and Asain slaw



peri peri paneer wrap

Succulent morsels of peri peri spiced cottage cheese wrapped in whole wheat tortillas

Rs 80

mediterranean veggie wrap

A delicious multigrain tortilla wrap with pan grilled vegetables napped in pesto

Rs 75

shawarma spiced chicken wrap

Juicy morsels of grilled seasoned with a homemade shawarma spice blend wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla

Rs 85

chilli cheese toast

A classic toast with a delightful mélange of cheese and chillies sandwiched in whole wheat bread

Rs 70

bombay sandwich

Spiced straks of potato, beetroots and fresh onions napped in green chutney sandwiched between the white bread slices

Rs 85

The classic chicken sandwich

Tender chunks of grilled chicken napped in spiced mayonnaise sandwiched between brown bread slices.

Rs 90


very berry smoothie

A delectable smoothie made with berries and homemade yoghurt blended to perfection

Rs 60

walnut and banana smoothie

A classic combination of bananas, walnuts and home made yoghurt blended to perfection

Rs 60

Chocolate shake

A classic blend of dark chocolate and milk blended into a creamy shake.

Rs 60

oatmeal and butterscotch shake

An interesting blend of healthy oatmeal and rich caramel in a smooth shake

Rs 60